Equipping Christian Employees by Misty Cedrun

Training Services

Misty Cedrun addressing Christian Law Enforcement Fellowship

If you are a church, faith-based organization or a company with Christian-sponsored events, Misty Cedrun can provide Biblically-rooted training conferences or two-day retreats. Misty will tailor her material to meet your time frame. Her topics are generally presented in two-hour blocks. She can present on two topics or a combination of several; for example: Crucial Conversations + Communication + The Tongue + Be A Mentor, etc. Or, she can create a theme suitable for your event. Misty prefers to use PowerPoint presentations that includes some audio/visual media clips. Or, if you are seeking a keynote speaker, Misty does not require full audio/visual support.

If you are interested, please contact Misty Cedrun now to discuss your event.

Sample Training Audiences:

  • Bible Study Groups
    • Men
    • Women
    • Couples
    • Singles
    • Young Adults
    • College Students
  • Ministry Leaders
  • Women’s Ministry Groups
  • Men’s Ministry Groups
  • Home Fellowship Groups
  • Retirees
  • Working Men & Women
  • Employees In A Christian Sponsored Corporate Event

Sample Mentoring Topics

  • Loving Your Neighbor As Yourself - Not Just On The Weekends & Holidays
  • Undercover Agents – Being A Missionary In The Workplace
  • Works Versus Working For Pay – Love Motivated Versus Money Motivated
  • The Tongue & Body Language – Dangerous Weapons That Bless Or Curse
  • Interpersonal Skills – Force Multiplier For God’s Kingdom
  • Communication & Crucial Conversations – Telling The Truth Can Offend
  • Be A Mentor/Find A Mentor – Iron Sharpens Iron
  • Understanding Yourself Before Others – Your Identity In Christ Versus The Culture
  • Servant Leadership – Putting Others First & Yourself Last
  • Evaluating A Person With A Biblical Lens – Avoid Slaying The Character
  • Workplace Trials – Longsuffering For Christ’s Sake
  • Mitigating Trauma – Protecting Your Mind, Body, Heart & Soul
  • People Are Watching – Keeping Your Faith & Demonstrating Joy During Challenges
  • Toxic & Stressful Environment – Neutralizing Poison By Meditating On The Proverbs
  • Us Versus Them – Freedom In Christ Versus Oppression From Bosses
  • Let It Go – The Power Of Forgiveness
  • Career Decision Making – God’s Guidance In Your Steps
  • Witnessing Without Fear – Being A Christian In The Workplace
  • Spirit Of The Law Versus Letter Of The Law – Pharisee’s Response Versus Giving Grace & Mercy

Speaker Fee

Conferences and/or retreats can range from two hours up to eight hours or taught over a two-day period. Misty will work within any church or organizational budget. Travel and lodging expenses would be requested for any event outside San Diego County.

Training Feedback

If you have participated in one or more training sessions with us, your feedback is valued. Your comments will help improve the delivery of services. Please let us know if we can use your comments in our program testimonials. Thank you!